The AXIS Entrepreneurial Expo will showcase ten local businesses owned by newcomers to Canada at the Avalon Mall on Sunday September 24th from 2:00- 4:00pm.

“The Expo will have everything from an art school to restaurants to cleaning services. There’s going to be some great promotions there from the businesses, there’ll be coupons and giveaways. So there’s really something for everybody,” said Gillian Norris, the Entrepreneurial Facilitator at AXIS Career Services.

The Expo is being hosted by AXIS Career services, the employment division of the Association for New Canadians (ANC). Axis helps internationally trained workers enter the workforce here in Canada through a wide-range of services.

One branch of AXIS’ services deals specifically with helping new Canadian entrepreneurs start businesses or expand already established businesses.

“For a lot of these business-owners, entrepreneurship is not a new concept. Many of them have ran successful businesses in other countries, but of course every country has a different business culture and unique policies. AXIS’ Business Development Support Program can help newcomer entrepreneurs receive information, resources, and advice specific to running a business here in Canada,” Norris explained.

AXIS provides new Canadian entrepreneurs with one-on-one counselling about their business ventures, as well as larger “Business Supersessions” where experts come in and give presentations to large groups. AXIS also has a mentorship program, that matches new Canadian entrepreneurs with someone who has lots of Canadian business experience and can offer advice and support.

“Diversity in any business community is key. Newcomer entrepreneurs are able to offer a unique perspective and background to enhance our business ecosystem and potentially fill in the gaps in products and services here in Newfoundland and Labrador,” Norris said.

“Entrepreneurism in general is on the rise and hopefully these entrepreneurs, and this Expo, can help to motivate anyone who is interested in starting their own business to get started and follow their dream.”

Sunday’s event will be AXIS’ first Entrepreneurial Expo and they are thrilled to be showcasing a wide array of successful businesses owned by new Canadians.

“When it was time to plan a big event we talked about lots of ideas and decided an Entrepreneurial Expo was the best way to help our clients promote their businesses,” Norris said.

“People can get to know the businesses and meet the owners behind them. It’s a great way for our clients to market their own businesses and get their faces out there.”

The expo will be located on the first floor of the mall near the Winners entrance and will feature booths from the following businesses: Avalon Tailor, Avalon Tech, Desi Meal Restaurant, Mr. Souvlaki, Newbornlander, Noella’s Best Cleaning Services, Rainbow Art School, RJ Pinoy Yum, Wichan Y Photography, and Xtra Mile Cleaning Services.