“Everybody can learn the language of astrology, you don’t have to be psychic. It’s a very complicated language that has existed for a very long time,” explains Elodie St-Onge-Aubut.

St-Onge-Aubut has been a bush camp cook for fifteen years, living off the grid in Newfoundland for ten and serious about studying astrology for the past five. When we spoke she had just installed a fridge after a decade of living without one and was excited to be able to store leftovers again.

In the summer months, St-Onge-Aubut travels to Northern Ontario or British Columbia where she sleeps in a tent and works eighteen-hour days, cooking in construction site trailers, usually feeding about forty forestry workers a day.

Bush camp kitchen trailers are equipped with a fridge that runs on a generator and a propane stove. Often a pump will be set up at a nearby lake and attached to hose that runs water to the kitchen. St-Onge-Aubut feeds the whole camp three times a day, making sure there are vegan, vegetarian, and non-vegetarian options. A couple times a week she drives a big truck or school bus into town to pick up groceries for the camp.

St-Onge-Aubut admits that bush camp cooking is hard work but she loves that it allows her to spend her winters focusing on her true vocation, astrology.

“I’ve always been interested in divination tools and reading omens. Like many people, as a teenager I explored Tarot and I Ching…I got into astrology very early but I really got serious about it five years ago.”

When she’s not cooking St-Onge-Aubut writes horoscopes and offers astrological consultations.

She builds natal charts for her clients with a computer program that gives information about the position of the planets at the exact date and time of their birth. She interprets the chart to find out things about things about their personalities.

“…Your birthday is a solar return. It’s the sun coming back to the same place it was when you were born. The moon goes around the whole zodiac in a month, the sun in a year, Saturn in twenty-eight years, then there’s all the other planets. By looking at these cycles we can situate ourselves in time and we can use those symbols to put meaning on what is going on in our lives. A lot of people find comfort in that.”

Some clients come to her for astrological consultations who already know a bit about astrology. These clients are eager to learn more so they can understand the cycles they’re in and navigate their lives accordingly. Others come to her because they are in crisis, hoping she can give them psychic-like advice about how their lives can be improved.

“I just reflect whatever is going on in their life through the language of astrology but they have to do the work themselves. I usually tell the people who come to me, you’re going to have to work … I don’t give answers, I give tools for self-reflection.”

While St-Onge-Aubut isn’t able to save people by predicting their futures, she says pointing out her clients’ positive attributes can help them draw on those traits.

“There are some things that are out of your control but you can decide how you react to the things that happen to you. By sitting down and reflecting on your birth chart and looking at the strengths and weaknesses you have, you can kind of balance out or supplement the areas of life you might be lacking.”

You can read St-Onge-Aubut’s horoscopes or book an astrological consultation here: https://9thhouseastrology.com/astrological-consultations