According to the internet, whiskey literally means “The water of life,” and was invented by some very wise monks. So, it’s not surprising it comes with at least 8 health benefits.

Want a Healthier Heart? Drink Whiskey … in Moderation

Like wine, whiskey is good for the ticker. Antioxidants in whiskey can, and do, lower cholesterol. By doing so, whiskey reduces your risk of a heart attack.

Want to Not Have a Stroke? Drink Whiskey … in Moderation

Whiskey’s stroke-preventing benefit also comes courtesy of its natural effect on lowering cholesterol: less buildup of cholesterol in your brain = less chance of a stroke. Secondarily, whiskey relaxes the walls of our arteries: better blood flow throughout our bodies = less chance of a stroke. When it comes to preventing an ischemic stroke, it is a proven fact that one drink of whiskey a day is better for you than no drinks a day.

Want to Prevent Cancer? Drink Whiskey … in Moderation

Ellagic acid – found in health foods like strawberries, cloudberries, and pomegranates – is a serious cancer fighter. Guess what else ellagic acid is naturally present in? Whiskey. Ellagic acid is proven to protect the body from carcinogens, not to mention, should you have cancer, it also deters some of the harmful effects of chemotherapy. Single malt whiskeys have more ellagic acids than red wine.

Want to Avoid Alzheimer’s? Drink Whiskey … in Moderation

A nightcap a night of the golden stuff is thought to fend off dementia, particularly in the form of Alzheimer’s. Exercise moderation here though, too much has the opposite effect. Balance, compromise, restraint. But a 2003 case study with the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center did find that dementia was less common a fate for adults who consumed a moderate amount of whiskey, rather than none at all.

Want a Natural Stress Reliever? Drink Whiskey … in Moderation

A nightcap, or a glass while you make supper, knocks the weight of the day off your shoulders, right? You can feel it happening, right? That feeling comes courtesy of Whiskey bettering blood circulation. Better bloodflow = more oxygen to the vital organs, like your weary brain. There is a barbiturate effect that feels nice too, not to mention its sedative properties, if you’re feeling anxious.

Want to Feel Less Bloated After a Meal? Drink Whiskey with It

By helping curb your appetite, whiskey helps you avoid overeating.

Want to Live a Longer Life? Drink Whiskey … in Moderation

The number of antioxidants and nutrients in whiskey are so plentiful one could regard it as a nutritional nectar. It can actually give your immune system a boost, which helps you fight off diseases and illnesses. Chemicals in whiskey also prevent the breakdown of vital cells in your body.

Want to Cure Your Cold? Drink Whiskey … in Moderation

Whiskey genuinely makes for a very effective cough syrup, and the alcohol kills off the bacteria that collects in your throat. For a real natural cold killer, add a shot of whiskey and a hefty squeeze of lemon to some hot water.