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Musician Kim Harris

04 cover.1852.inddCorner Brook’s Kim Harris is an ECMA nominee this year in the Rising Star category, and their website declares that she “emits rich colours and textures with her full-length debut album, Only The Mighty,” which is in turn described as “a shoreline of metallic moods and airy effervescence.” Prior to her ECMA nomination, she won not one, but three Music Nova Scotia Awards (New Artist Recording of the Year, Female Artist Recording of the Year, and SOCAN Songwriter of the Year).

Shannon Webb-Campbell is an award-winning poet, writer, and journalist, and the inaugural winner of Egale Canada’s Out in Print Award – for this brand new book of poetry. She was also the Canadian Women in Literary Arts 2014 critic-in-residence. Shannon’s poems are so personal they become universal and appeal to that core part of humanity we all share, by asking the questions we’ve all asked, or sharing the experiences we’ve all lived through or will.

So it’s no surprise these two friends see shared artistic expressions in each other’s work, or that they’ve begun collaborating on songs and poems.

“Kim and I are soul sisters,” Shannon says. “We’re siblings from another lifetime. In typical Newfoundlander fashion, Don Brownrigg introduced us many moons ago, and we met for coffee, which lasted several hours. It was instant kinship, both in how we see the world, and how we meet our various selves.

In our work, we both draw from elements around us – islands of grief, gushes of longing, darkness, and love. I sent her an unpublished draft of Still No Word, purely poet heart to poet heart, and asked her to perform at my Halifax launch. It was Kim, the mischievous one, who took it upon herself to turn some poems into songs.

Her voice is oceanic, filled with particles of light. It sounds like elsewhere, and home. It’s an absolute honour to have her lift my poetry into song.”

And she’s done it not once but twice. Below is a song based on Webb-Campbell’s “A Healer’s Lune” called “Still No Word.” Harris is also at work on an adaptation of “Point Mistaken.”

“Still No Word” by Kim Harris

Also, here is Shannon’s poem, “Harvest Your Heart, set to music from Kim.

Shannon is launching her book this Sunday at The Ship, along with other poets, and music from Len O’Neil.

Poet Shannon Webb-Campbell

Poet Shannon Webb-Campbell