Double Standard: A Bigger Better Hypocrisy

“Can we please start talking about how the term ‘Bigger is Better’ or even ‘Bigger is Not Always Better’ is still in use. Body shaming is horrible, and the women who won’t stand for stabs at pregnancy weight, excessive pubic hair, small chests, or expressions like “you run like a girl” or “you’re such a pussy,” should agree that publicly reducing a man’s value to a woman, to the size of his penis, is just horrible. It’s something a man can’t change, and something he’s been told his whole life is a measure of his worth to woman. Hearing men and women joke right to their faces about how their hung is brutally bullying and cruel and backwards, and must make these guy so shy. Grow up and grow a heart. I’m sick of my feminist friends calling out only female body shaming, while openly dissing bald guys on Tinder or spreading rumours about my best friend’s dick size.” – Not Even a Guy

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  • Sexism and discrimination against men is a real thing that goes well beyond snickering at a guy’s penis size or ignoring bald men on POF, but it doesn’t really fit with the progressive narrative. Trying to start a discussion about these issues can get you shut down as an “MRA” or misogynist. I think you people need to check your privilege.

  • I agree, making fun of a guy going bald seems to be one of the last acceptable forms of body shaming, most people don’t care and can own it, but it’s pretty traumatic for some guys when it happens, knowing that you’re automatically unattractive to a segment of the population is a blow to the ego. Some people talk about it like it’s a character flaw too, like someone let themselves go.

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