With fishermen now able to sell direct to consumers in Newfoundland, lobster season may be more interesting than years before. I asked Steve Lee and Todd Perrin if this would affect their sourcing.

“It will be easier to see the effect after the season is over. It’s not like they are coming to us. It is on us to find them. They are fishermen, not salesmen,” says Lee. For now they will continue to use The Seafood Shop in Churchill Square.

And use them heavily, as each Monday night through May and June, Mallard will serve a traditional maritime lobster feast from 6-9, first come first served (last seating at 8pm).

For $50, each person will get one lobster just for them, with more lobster and traditional side dishes like salads, rolls, and veg served family style for the table to share.

They will be featuring seasonal cocktails as well. When I asked what the impetus was for this new format, Lee said it was “a way to expand operations without adding just another dinner service, It’s fun and no one else is doing it.”

After listening thoughtfully to all my questions, Chef Todd Perrin added, “I’m not doing f*ucking heart surgery. It’s a f*cking dinner.” Indeed. And we could all use a f*cking dinner. “We did it because of the budget,” Perrin added, “Newfoundland government is taking away and Mallard Cottage gives.”