Buy 1 Ticket, it’ll last 12 months, and you’ll have 36 chances to win. How does that work? Well, joining the Dining Club NL enters you into a year-long lottery that draws 3 prizes each month. Every month has a top prize (see top prize chart below), as well as two shots at winning your $40 back.

Each month’s top prize is a supper for 2 at many of our province’s most prized restaurants, bundled with another perk, like, tickets to that night’s LSPU Hall show, hockey game, or George Street Festival concert, or a night at a hotel, a gift pack from Quidi Vidi Brewery, and more.

Even better: This lottery is non-elimination, meaning you can win a draw, and win another, because you’re name isn’t taken out of the hat if you win once. So, technically, yes: you could win all 36 draws! Here’s the schedule:


Tickets are only $40, that’s cheap given you have 24 chances to win your $40 back, and 12 shots at $400 prizes. A maximum of 1,500 tickets will be printed, so your chances are pretty good.

And the money from this is a fundraiser for a good cause. Since 1990, Choices for Youth has been “actively supporting the many hungry, hurt, and homeless youth in St. John’s and the surrounding areas.”

Every day, CFY staff meet individuals seeking anything from personal care items to access to a phone, from medical care to legal assistance, from a hot meal to a meaningful conversation, helping youth work toward safe and supportive housing, improved wellness, and increased support systems. The money raised from the Dining Club NL Ticket Lottery will be used to support the drop-in meal program, and help to provide at-risk youth with the energy and nutrition that they need.