O’Leva Oils & Vins is a relatively new and, family run shop on Topsail Road that specializes in exotic oils and vinegars, and other specialty items, which they order in from places all over the world. You can go into their shop to sample and bottle your own oils, vinegars, condiments, and more. They even sell pastas, and host tastings, which you can book with friends, family, or co-workers. This unique shop has caught the eye, or rather, the tastebuds, of one of the best dessert chefs in town: Andrea Maunder of Bacalao Restaurant. Andrea uses O’Leva’s Blood Orange Olive Oil and Chocolate Balsamic Vinegar to make luxurious chocolate truffles and cakes.

Here is her recipe for a Blood Orange Olive Oil Polenta Cake with Chocolate Ganache, Chile-Orange Salsa and Chocolate Balsamic Vinegar. You cannot believe how good this tastes, and you’ll win mega points with the person you bake it for on Valentine’s Day: Blood Orange Olive Oil Cake Recipe