Demi/Aro/Ace network?

“Are there any local networks for Aro, Ace, and Demi people in this city? I’ve been trying to find groups or something but I am terrible at it. It’s hard to find someone to share your life with when most people feel that sex is a fundamental piece of the relationship equation. It’s a lonesome way to live.” – A Bit Lonesome

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  • I relate to this. I’ve only managed to meet one here and that was by a very chance encounter. I’ve also managed to make a small group of friends who are celibate and sober by choice and I find those people refreshing. I know the LGBTQ scene here is fairly small and I’ve had difficulties finding ‘my crowd’ in those environments in the past elsewhere as I’ve found such can be pretty hyper-sexual and sometimes I feel wreidly objectfied when I’ve gone out to gay bars (or I find the level ‘warmth’ and energery a bit off putting for a midly touch phobic, sober recluse) I think due such I haven’t exactly bothered putting myself out here.

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