Delilah Saunders’ Liver Fiasco Is a Perfect Example of Modern Reductionist Thought

The conclusions jumped to when Delilah Saunders was denied a liver transplant are a perfect example of how the uninformed public jumps to conclusions these days, always in a hurry to slay someone. An organ transplant is a last resort measure. Your life is hell thereafter, as you swallow down daily cocktails of immunosuppressants and steroids in an attempt to prevent organ rejection, and it doesn’t feel good. So they found another way and she’s fine now. As well, there is a reason organ recipients aren’t supposed to drink or smoke leading up to a transplant. It is statistically proven that things may go wrong, and for this reason, doctors don’t do it (for your own good, to avoid lawsuits and poor success results for the hospital). There’s no doubt we’ve grossly mistreated indigenous people in our country: we frigging tore kids from their families and cultures to ‘christianize’ them for 100 years, it’s horrendous. But not everything is a racist affront, and when ‘woke’ millennials act like it is, it detracts from truer causes, and feeds the alt right everything they need to dismiss the left as sheeps crying wolf.” – Medical Professional

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  • I had a lot of questions during this like: why can’t we donate organs to those in recovery? how much of is it to addiction stigma? or why can we donate the organs of addicts but do not let addicts receive organs? & thoughts like: maybe we need more preventative care for at risk persons or better ways to treat/manage addiction in general/create safe gaurds for addicts who become recipients of organs and thoughts in general about where mental health meets addiction and physical health and how we can improve. Also this whole situation brought to light that yes someone can struggle with addiction and have gosls/passions and want to contribute to soceity and be actively working towards such which I thought was beneficial or even conversations I heard on trans-generational trauma wwreid good! Some positives did come out of the dialogue and that’s important.

  • Everyone knows more about physiology and human health than doctors do in 2018. If she wasn’t aboriginal there wouldn’t even be a headline here.

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