happy campers

Late last year, Long Dick’s Sausage Emporium drove off into the sunset after two years of struggles with Newfoundland Power and City Hall. Last week, the beleaguered wienermobile returned, transformed, with a new menu, new owners, and new point-of-view.

“My friends and I laughingly had a plan to change it from ‘Long Dick’s’ to ‘Mini Vaginny’s’,” says Kathie Hicks, owner-operator of Happy Camper International Eats. The food truck is open for business, and can be found on New Gower Street at Mile One, across the street from City Hall.

“I wanted to open a truck that serves food that was whole and healthy,” says Hicks, who is spearheading the truck’s focus on whole spices and superfoods, and cooking with coconut oil and olive oil. “It looks like St. John’s was ready for it. It is very busy. Now, it’s up to us to make sure it is consistently good and stays that way.”

The menu has been prepared by Chef David Battcock (formerly of late-era Atlantica). The truck is taking the United Nations approach to international cuisine, with dishes from all over, including tacos, jerk chicken, Southern barbecue, noodle bowls and curry bowls. There’s also juice blends, spiced teas, and superfood shakes. It’s enough to make you forget the crushing loss of Around the World in Mount Pearl (Around the World is closed, did you know?).

So, how’s the food? I tried the fish tacos, and they are spicy. They’re small, but tasty, like tacos should be. And, there’s enough menu options to keep customers coming back.

There’s tables and chairs if dining al fresco is your thing. In the mood for a nosh while you wait? There’s a free popcorn machine running for your enjoyment.

Happy Camper International Eats is open daily, 11:00 am to 8:00 pm.