“I don’t know how to tell my boyfriend I physically cannot have children and I don’t want to tell him because I f*ucking adore him and that I found someone so ideal and super-amazing who happens to ‘want kids someday.’ I got selfish. I waited until it got serious to tell him I can’t bare children (too early and it woulda been a weird comment). Then, when it got serious, I wanted to give myself a month or two of tension-free perfection between us. Now we’re over a year deep, and making huge commitments, and it just feels too late to tell him without him feeling like I should have told him sooner that he’s settling down with a barren lady. It was his decision to stay with me anyway or leave, and I took that from him, and I feel horrible but at the same time, wouldn’t he be horrible to leave? Not really if kids are important to him? It’s horrible. Sharing it here kind of helps, weirdly.” – Barren-ness