Hey, don’t hate me for the facts: Binge watching TV could be the death of you. Via blood clots in the lung.

“Binge Watching” is defined as watching 2-6 episodes of the same show in one sitting. A recent Netflix study revealed that 61% of us are regular TV bingers. So, 61% of us should be concerned about this study cited below.

A scientific study — a very thorough one at that — studied the TV viewing habits & health of nearly 90,000 people for NINETEEN YEARS!

What they discovered is that your risk of death by Pulmonary Embolism increases by 40% for every extra 2 consecutive hours a day spent watching TV. Those who spend 5 or more hours a day staring at the boob tube are two times more likely to die from binging than those watching less than 2.5 hours.

So, yes, if you watch 4 hours of TV before bed every night, you’re very much more likely to have a pulmonary embolism (associated with TV binging) than your pal who doesn’t even have a Netflix account and hasn’t watched TV since the original Degrassi or Full House.

What’s the deal? Lounging slows metabolism and more relevantly here, circulation of blood. Blockages of bloodflow in the veins and arteries of your lazy legs cause blood clots. These blood clots — like gunk in a kitchen drain — ride up into your lungs where they cause a pulmonary embolism (basically, an exploding lung).

To prevent  this, these scientists recommend getting up and walking around every hour, or say, between episodes. Get a snack or something, and walk up and down the stairs a few times during pee breaks. Or don’t, watching Jon Snow rise up to another impossible challenge isn’t the worst way to go out of this world. Beats getting hit by a bus or attacked by some kind of asshole bear.