Dear Canadian Media: Here is Why Trudeau Pulled Our Fighter Jets

Terrorism can make terrorists of us all, if we let it.

To be clear about the war on terror, The United States of America habitually kills more perfectly innocent people by dropping bombs in places like Pakistan, than those shithead terrorists just killed in Paris. 

Data published in The Guardian stated that in order for American drones to target 42 known terrorists, 1,147 people had to die. That number of innocent casualties seems hard to believe, and hopefully it’s not true, but it is a fact that The West and its allies are killing innocent people in the war on terror.

Terrorism can make terrorists of us all, if we let it. And it seems as a society, Canadians do not seem as uncomfortable as they should be with air strikes “over there.” Instead our papers, even alternative media like Vice, are calling Justin Trudeau “weak” for pulling our fighter jets from those kinds of air strikes.

This implies our country does not see “their” children’s lives as important as our own. That indifference is scary and dangerous. Without empathy for the other side, we’re capable of doing anything to it. Including provoking them to throw bombs back.

Fighting terrorism in a way that harms any country’s citizens who do not side with radical extremists is wrong. If a country invaded mine, because of a few rotten monsters among us in Canada, I’d be pretty pissed off. Just stop what you’re doing right now, and imagine how insane it would be if a drone dropped a bomb in Newfoundland today. And know that there are places in the world living with air strikes.

There are parents desperate for these air strikes to stop. They’re laying large print-outs of dead innocent kids on the ground, in hopes US drones will see them and stop dropping bombs. There are kids saying “I don’t like blue skies anymore, because it means there’ll be drones today. Grey skies mean no drones.”

We are being told by civilians in these countries that terrorist cell leaders are using these air strikes to make The West seem wicked in order to recruit more terrorists. The idea is, if we kill five terrorists this way, we breed ten more. Because terrorist leaders can radicalize new followers by saying, “Look what they’re doing to us!”

But we’re not listening. We’re ignoring intel from the citizens on the ground in places like Pakistan. Actively. Some of these people have tried desperately to have North American media print this information, to little avail.

Our media are too busy milking melodrama and printing controversial headlines about Trudeau being “weak” to pull Harper’s precious fighter jets. I think he’s being incredibly strong, not to just cave for public opinion. Pulling fighter jets is not the same as “doing nothing.” There are innumerable ways to deal with ISIS. And from what I can tell, years of air strikes hasn’t been working anyway.

Bombs fight wars, but only education, compassion, and intelligent strategy can diffuse them. Get informed. Stop blaming a religion with over a billion people for the actions of a few radical asshole monsters. We have radical monsters too, like the KKK, known for tearing people from homes to hang or rape them.

Imagine if, after every school shooting in North America, we white people had to deal with global racism towards us – distrustful looks in airports, beatings laid on pregnant white women in a Canadian mall, the burning down of a community place of worship.

The people who burned down that Canadian mosque this week: that was totally an act of terrorism and hate. And now the leader of a terrorist group can tell their radical followers “they’re burning mosques in Canada!”

More importantly, if a Muslim burned a Christian church, we’d all be hearing about the act of terrorism on Canadian soil this week. Instead, the reverse scenario was a blip in the media pan.

We’ve got to wonder why that is, what that says about us, and how dangerous it is to have so many people in France, Canada, and the U.S feel blind contempt for 1.57 billion people, on account of the actions of a few assholes. The internet is lighting up with racist sentiments, and that “us versus them” attitude is exactly what ISIS wants.

As Newfoundlanders — sorry, silly Newfies — we more than anyone should know what it’s like to be judged by the actions of cohorts. Some of us are dumb as rocks, so people up in Canada have a demeaning notion of us as a simple people. It’s misguided.

Media milking one-sided tragedies and politicians caving to peer pressure from an angry electorate, or a barrage of kneejerk headlines from Canadian media, might just breed the propaganda that starts WWIII.

Stand with your prime minister on his decision to yank those fighter jets, because a decent society wants no part of a war that kills innocent people. Out of compassion, and, out of concern we’re poking an angry bear with radicalized terrorists watching us do so.

Remember this: Isis wants a West versus muslim global pandemic. Don’t let them have it.

If you are angry, sad, and need to direct those feelings somewhere, use it to diffuse the misguided contempt someone in your life has towards 1.57 billion people forced to take global judgement every time a small group of monsters with the same religious heritage do something terrible.

As for this week’s widespread panic about taking in refugees, just stop, be human.  A good person cares for refugees seeking shelter: they’re moms and dads and friends and siblings just like us, scared as hell for each other’s well being.

They are, as you would be, running from hell on earth, and not taking them in is a death sentence. Isis wants you wary of them and turning them away, for various reasons. Firstly, the West will look evil in the eyes of to-be-radicalized terrorists, and our racism will play into the “us versus them” attitude they want in the world.

It’s working, our politicians, from Premier Paul Davis, to 20+ US governors, are suddenly standing stronger against taking in Syrian refugees. ISIS planted a FAKE Syrian passport on one of those asshole bombers in Paris, to illicit this very reaction from the West. We are playing right into it.

The truth is, ISIS hates refugees. Because refugees are running from them, which makes them look bad to their own. ISIS see refugees as traitors, they’ll harm them. We make that easier on them by not taking in refugees.

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  • The government does, in fact, support the airstrikes. Stephane Dion said so. In that light, it’s strange that we’re pulling our jets out. I guess Justin wants to show that he isn’t Harper.

  • I get the point that we (“The West”) aren’t making many friends over there by dropping bombs and inevitably killing innocents and in fact we are giving rise to more terrorists. I get that. However, part of me also has to wonder what would happen if we just left them alone. My gut tells me that they would fester, and multiply and become even stronger and more dangerous and an even bigger threat than they already are. I know it sounds racist but part of me really thinks that there is something inherently fu-cked up with A LOT of people from that part of the world. They can’t even get along with there own kind. They just seem to crave and love fighting and killing. Maybe it’s the adrenaline rush. Who knows.

  • The first thing that strikes me as inaccurate is the photo; that hashtag relates to those terrorists, who claim to be Muslims, not Trudeau pulling fighter planes. There is so much bullshit in what follows, it’s hard to know where to begin. ISIS has cast a shadow of doubt over the Syrian refugees, fortunately I know way too many Newfs to suggest that they are all as ridiculous as you are. I very much doubt that any of your awards come from anything beyond Arts, Crafts, and Fiction. Ladies and Gentleman, I give you a classic Trudeau supporter. God help us all.

  • Why not work on our own first. Poverty stricken children. Or the homeless. Or the seniors who build this country. They work all their live and can’t even make it by financially. I’m pretty instead of worrying about let more scum in our Canada. I pretty since imagrants have been coming to Canada that my rights as a Canadian has been violated. I no long have a right to put my child in a Catholic school cause my religion offends them. Or an Indian man joins the Canadian rcmp has to cut his braids because it’s not part of our Canadian uniform but a Pakistan man can wear a turbin and a dagger on his side. So when did these become Canadian uniform? Let’s keep it real people we have to change our culture and heritage for these people. However if we were in their country we would be imprisoned or killed if we didn’t follow their ways. Stop killing Canada and our history for more votes. Cause this is all the government worries about. Make me sick how we as Canadians have no longer have our right,culture and tradition. It is slow being taken away. How sad.

  • Produce hard evidence that the coalition bombing daesh has killed civilians! There is none
    , there have been false reports that have all been verified and deemed untrue! I can’t speak to the strikes in Pakistan etc but I am totally confident there are no civilians being targeted or even accidentally killed by Canadian CF18’s in Iraq!

    • Do you people even READ THE ARTICLE! HE wrote about pakistan, where innocent lives are TOTALLY documented as lost. God, why do I read the comment section!!! Why do people try and discredit journalists when thyeir opinion differs from the troll’s!

  • Yeah right, ask us Kenyans, we tried peace with the jihadists in Somalia and they butchered our children….jihadists know nothing but war. If Canada thinks by pulling out they will make peace with these terrorists, they’re in for a big surprise!!!

  • Canada has a military to protect innocent people and our allies. Trudeau is ignorant, he doesn’t realize that by bring more Muslims into Canada instead of stopping terrorists we’re going to end up like France.

  • Well why can’t we sing merry Christmas songs in downtown Toronto or schools and the muslims can sing do what they want this is Canada shared cultures get along or leave….

  • Ward: I’m 56, and teach political science. This article does not lack maturity, nor common sense. We’re all pissed off with ISIS. I’m Sure the author of this article is too. We all just differ in opinion in how to deal with them. Chad and I don’t feel comfortable bombing 30 innocent people to kill 1 terrorist. You do feel comfortable that. No one’s right or wrong, or immature. We have different morals. Different views. If anyone lacks maturity, it’s you for not understanding that. Pelley isn’t dumb and immature because he doesn’t share your view.

  • “If you are angry, sad, and need to direct those feelings somewhere, use it to diffuse the misguided contempt someone in your life has towards 1.57 billion people forced to take global judgement every time a small group of monsters with the same religious heritage do something terrible.”

    Why stop @ 1.57 billion??

    If you add all the nasty Christians and the smaller cult-ish kooky groups that are rooted in Christianity too – the number of people facing “global judgement” should hopefully reveal itself to be much higher. Religion is the culprit – not which flavour you choose or let yourself be indoctrinated with.

  • I can expect plenty of Libtard reaction to my dissent with your post but here goes…

    You are not in the mainstream media because you do not verify your facts nor do you speak from a responsible of mature point of view. Yours may be a popular sentiment with those living in a glass bubble who have neither the maturity nor perspective to fully follow what is going on or what implications it holds for the rest of world but nonetheless they’ll feel entitled to attack any sober mature point of view.

    Trudeau represents a MINORITY of Canadians. Even less than Stephen Harper did from 2011-2015 (actually before that, but who’s counting?).

    Pulling out any attack on terror in this particular case means:
    a) You do not believe in gay rights because ISIS/ISIL/Caliphate etc has put to death every gay person they could find. Throwing them from rooftops and laughing as they ‘splatted’ on the ground.
    b) You do not believe in women’s rights because ISIS/ISIL/Caiphate has put to death or put into forced prostitution every woman they found who was not already with them…especially Christian women… speaking of which
    c) You do not believe in the right for Christians to exist in the middle east because ISIS/ISIL/Caliphate has put to death after torturing every single Christian they came across. Period. They have also desecrated every single Christian church they came across, so clearly you do not believe in their right to exist either.
    d) You do not believe in preserving history or culture because ISIS/ISIL/The Caliphate has desecrated and destroyed countless historic sites in the areas they have occupied – some as old as 5000 years old.

    I could continue… but anyone who would use such a bigoted phrase as “silly Newfies” clearly has no perspective or understanding of right from wrong.

    Shame on The Overcast for giving you 1byte of online space to spew your unfounded crap.

    • Ward: No one is going to engage with you because you missed the point. You’re also not receptive to the point. You also seem to lack the intelligence to have caught the sarcasm of the “silly Newfies” comment. And this article is not lacking on facts, either.

    • Ward: We’re all pissed off at ISIS. What’s your point? I’m not seeing how you think this article says ISIS isn’t a bad thing? It’s merely asking for an end to misguided racism, and if possible, senseless civilian casualties.

    • Ward: You said “pulling out any attack on terror”, but that’s not what he’s doing. He’s stopping with the airstrikes, but will support ground troops supplementing and aiding in the training of local forces against ISIS. Considering the atrocities ISIS as committed, we are all longing for justice to be delivered and no one would wish for Canada to pull out of the fight. However, airstrikes are not as specific as you think; there are numerous civilian casualties that accompany the death of one terrorist. Not to mention, this gives ISIS more reason to say WE, the Western countries, are the true barbarians that need to be brought to justice (this will help in their recruitment campaign). Justin Trudeau is calling a stop to airstrikes, not pulling out of the fight altogether.

      P.s. the ground troops part was said by the Prime Minister himself, and reported by major media.

    • Ward you are Hilarious! hahaha
      How does anyone in your life take you seriously? I guess they don’t and that’s why you troll the internet to have your say. Sin.

    • Libtard? How witty, so funny I forgot to laugh. So your argument is to stay the course? And how is that working for the world? Just a thought, if the money, trillions I hear spent on the war machine, were put into social programs to root out the reason for the homegrown terrorism in countries such as France, maybe just maybe, the world would be safer. As for Chad spewing crap, I say, keep it coming!

    • A. I’m not sure that you yourself even followed what this person was writing, or you would realize it’s a Newfoundlander taking note of the idea that everywhere else in Canada calls them ‘silly Newfies’ or something along those lines. (But we love those Newfies!)

      B. You’re saying that in order to believe in something, you must be willing to punish anyone that harms that which you believe in by death, and simultaneously be willing to die for it. This is extremism and the same principle that founded all of the issues of which you speak. Christians condemning and killing gays. Men so damn rooted in their ways that it took the majority of them going to war to realize that society could still function in the hands of women. Also I do believe we’re roughly 1000 years behind in technological advancement due to the Dark Ages brought about by Christianity, their murder of several scientists and destruction of their lives work.

      If you feel that much that people should die for what they believe in (and more because of what others believe) then you’re an extremist and a terrorist yourself. Grab a gun and get on a plane. Go die for what you believe.

      • Just because you think “nefies” are retarded doesn’t mean the rest of Canada does. Speak for your own ignorance if you don’t mind making your self seem like an arrogant piece of shit but don’t include others in it. I know plenty of Canadians from outside of Newfoundland and none of them think this way. I guess you were just raised to be judgmental and I pity you for that and pray you. I am from Newfoundland and I am far from retarded, you on the other hand, I can’t be too sure about that.

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