The Fall of 2015 to Fall of 2106 saw a lot of fallen icons. In an era of flash-in-the-pan artists, musicians whose careers spanned decades, and musicians who retained creative control of their careers, are becoming rare commodities, making their losses all the more significant.

To honour some of these fallen – like Leonard Cohen, David Bowie, Prince, and Ron Hynes – and to have a bit of fun, The Overcast put out a call for local artists to cover a song by any recently fallen icon of their choosing. We got to 10, but 2 acts got cold feet over their mix quality. So we’re extending the deadline a week, to Monday Dec. 12th. That gives you a week if you want to submit too!

Pick up your guitar, or plug in your keyboard, and send us something: We will make the album available for free downloading and streaming on our Bandcamp Page. So by submitting your song, you agree to those terms.

Don’t be shy, this is open to everyone, from the province’s biggest names, to those yet to make their big debut, including those of you who write and record in secret, and on that note, here’s one from Leonard: