The song above is the latest single from David Picco, the man who has fronted “Canada’s Wilco,” Jetset Motel. Comparisons to Jeff Tweedy are easy and apt. 

Start Again, will be released November 6th, and will be a “set of solo songs that are ramped up with an alt-country and throwback rock flair, showcasing his penchant for strong melodies and coupling them with his distinctive coarse-edged voice, and offering up a thoughtful collection that underscores an overarching theme of entering a new phase of life on this, his third solo album.”
The album was co-produced with his bother, Chris Picco, of Long Distance Runners, and was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Kristjan Leslie at Lab of Chaos here in St. John’s.
He’ll have both Toronto and St. John’s releases. the local one being November 21st, at The Fat Cat.