Illustration by Peggy Tremblett for The Overcast

Dave Lane is everywhere. City councillor, marketeer, community leader and now founder of a new start-up, along with business partner Josh Taylor.

Lane & Taylor are hoping to create business solutions while making the city a little better at the same time.

“A friend of ours is a commercial property rater, and through a series of calculations, figures out what it would cost to sell or invest in a property.” Lane says that, unlike residential properties, where recent sales in the neighbourhood can give a pretty good idea of the price, the sale of commercial buildings can create havoc for individuals.

“Our friend was finding that people who don’t sell property very often, they go to sell it, and they don’t know how to find a price, so they make it up or they call him. If they call him, it takes a month or two or three, and it costs thousands of dollars. What we’re going to do is help people price commercial property with confidence,” says Lane.

Lane will be taking care of the marketing side of things, along with his firm, Dc Design House. One of their challenges will be coming up with a name for the currently nameless enterprise.

The startup is part of an accelerator program that’s based out of Common Ground, the co-working space on Harvey Road. The program, Propel ICT, provides funding, mentorship, and direction to entrepreneurs around Atlantic Canada, having launched 75 companies in the past decade.

With his growing collection of job titles, Lane is an impressive study in getting things done. He credits the city itself for making it possible.

“My office is on Bates Hill, which is just a stone’s throw from City Hall, and then I can go up a set of stairs and I’m at Common Ground. And all along the way, I’m bumping into people. I’m able to pop in for a quick coffee, and I’m able to set up connections.”

While Lane is taking advantage of the dense downtown area, he wants to move forward in a way that does that for more people.

“We need to focus on ideas that aren’t just [increasing] density, but doing density right,” says Lane.

“Our economic forecasts are uncertain — the price of oil goes down, and who knows what could happen. That’s why startups are so crucial. That’s what’s going to help us build a diverse and sus-tainable economy. To be a part of that and to be an advocate for that is particularly rewarding.”