A daughter’s decision to pass on a gumball let her father buy a  million-dollar ticket in Paradise this week. His name is Rick Traverse, and he’s had plenty of twenty- and fifty-dollar wins with “Prestige,” a scratch ticket lotto game, so he thought he’d keep buying them, and it paid off. He and his daughter were in Marie’s Mini Mart. According to an interview with CBC, his daughter asked him for a quarter, to buy a gumball, and he told her, “‘Well, you can have a quarter — or I can buy a million dollar ticket.” She did the math, and approved his purchase — one million dollars could buy a whole lot of gumball machines. He pocketed the thing until Sunday, scratched it as supper was cooking, and hit the jackpot.

Imagine. Had he given his daughter a quarter, he’d not be a millionaire right now. His life, changed, overnight.
The cost of a gumball at Marie’s Mini Mart: 25 cents.
The cost of denying your children chewing gum: priceless.