A hankering for a feed can be a real buzzkill. Especially when you’re having a great time with friends, you get to the bottom of the chip bowl and there’s no party grub left. You’d like to enjoy some of St. John’s finest eats but, you’ve had a few drinks and can’t drive. DashAll to the rescue. It’s a new late-night delivery service that will bring you a meal from any St.John’s restaurant.

Memorial University Computer Science students Jan Mertlík and Jessie Sandford say they started the venture because they felt like food delivery options were limited in St. John’s.

“They were overpriced and they were not delivering at the times we wanted them the most. We also had an itch to make something cool, so that’s how DashAll started,” Mertlík says. “There are so many restaurants in St. John’s that I can’t eat from because I don’t have a car, or my friend with a car has had a drink. So we decided, why not deliver from all of them?”

Mertlík came to here from the Czech Republic three years ago and is happy to call St. John’s home. The 21-year-old is finishing up a Computer Science degree at MUN but plans to make DashAll a long-term venture. “We are launching our 24/7 service in St. John’s within the next month, further expansion in Newfoundland, and we are planning on expanding to Nova Scotia in September,” Mertlík says.

So far, business has been mainly university students but they’ve had some orders from nurses on the overnight shift at the hospital and other late night workers.

Mertlík says the customer can pick any restaurant in the city…as long as the kitchen is still open for business. “We are structured more as a courier service, rather than a food delivery service, we don’t have to partner up with restaurants before we can start delivering from them.”

DashAll even does java drop-offs so, if you’re meeting is running late and you really need to caffeinate, you can get a fresh cup of specialty coffee without leaving the office.

Mertlík says it’s all about convenience. “DashAll is an online webpage with which you can get any food from any restaurant delivered straight to you! You just go on www.dashall.ca, fill out what you want and where you want to get it from, and one of our delivery drivers who is currently available will pick it up for you. Payments are done online, so you don’t have to worry about cash or waste time with debit machines at the door.”

The average delivery time is 35 minutes and the cost is $7 per drop-off. A delivery with two stops will run you $12 … in case you really need that Dairy Queen Sundae to help soak up the Celtic Hearth’s fish-n-chips with dressing and gravy. The driver pays for the order and charges you the restaurant bill plus your delivery fee. The company’s webpage says it doesn’t deliver alcohol … yet.