Erin Callahan-St. John remembers when , a year or 2 ago, the idea of a fetish and erotica oriented craft fair was bounced around Quidi Vidi Plantation somewhat jokingly. She took it seriously, and on Saturday night, June 10th, she made it happen.

“I wanted to bring out the sexy side of craft. Handmade leather whips, ceramic butt plugs, bird bowls, prints and saucy pots. This event was meant to be a fun and safe place to create and make products we would normally never make to a market we normally wouldn’t reach. I think we succeeded and I am looking forward to our next event. The Space was more then happy to host and they were a perfect fit.” Callahan-St. John succeeded to say the least.

Credit: Felicity Roberts

Vendors set up tables to sell their kinkiest wares, a dj was on the scene, and Irma Gerd was simply mind blowing in her role as MC, wearing heels so high I was almost frightened for her and pulling it off with more grace than I have in comfy Birkenstocks. Pre-catwalk entertainment included a dance/fitness routine and amazing aerial hoop work.

Aerial Entertainment via Keely Whitelaw, Credit: Jared Reid

A lively fashion show was the finale, possibly the best runway work I have ever seen in Newfoundland even though there was no real runway. The models worked the room with such magic I felt briefly transported to the Montreal underground clubs of my youth.

Chris Shortall in Bruno Vinhas Clothes, Credit: Jared Reid

Katie Culls felted floral pasties were charming, a word not often used for scanty nipple covers, but scanty nipple covers are rarely this lovely. 2 designers worked with sealskin, creating everything from handcuffs to a corset with the pelts.

Katie Cull’s Felted Pasties, credit: Jared Reid

Bruno Vinhas stole the show. His styling was immaculate and his models owned the floor, drawing the audience in a world far more vivid and complex than Fifty Shades of Grey would have you believe. Keep your eye on Vinhas, he’s a gamechanger on the local scene. Tara Murphys Chewbacca dress stunned as well.

Tara Murphy’s Chewbacca dress, credit: Jared Reid

Most importantly, the attendees were respectful, friendly, and totally into having fun with the theme of the evening. There were costumes and young hipsters, but also people who looked as if they might be someone’s doctor or lawyer. Many friends were made and the vibe was far from tawdry, better described as fresh, artsy, progressive, and enthusiastic

Diversity and respect. I love it.