Newfoundland Power has issued “Rate Stabilization Plan (RSP) Refunds” for residents of the province who overpaid on their bills between January 1 2007 & August 31 2013. But some people who paid power bills in that time frame, who no longer have an active account with NL Power, have not been reimbursed. This begs the fun question: What would you suggest NL Power do with whatever amount of cash they’re sitting on, in unclaimed RSP Refunds?

“Invest it in local companies offering alternative forms of energy (solar, wind).” – Pecor

“It should be applied to our heat and light bills that we cannot afford to pay. Split amongst everyone in the province.” – Working Poor Single Dad

“Throw it in a fund, for a grant like The Overcast’s Albedo Grant, that people have to apply for. The Grant should be for innovative energy ideas, like how to convert individual homes across the province into energy generators that can generate a bit of their own energy: think shingles that are solar panels, or wind turbines besides chimneys. This way, we’re not having to draw so much from the provincial grid. It puts less demand on our system (which clearly can’t take it), uses less energy, and we’d all pay a little less for electricity.” – Tina

“I say we invest that money back in the nuclear plant!” – Mr. Snrub

“What this province really needs, is a DisneyWorld, so we can forget about all our constant quagmires, political blunders, and provincial dilemas, and just have some GD fun when and where we can. Put it towards Disneyland, please.” – Tanya Tucker

“Use it to settle accounts for people with power cut-off notices looming. Make some families upcoming holidays easier.” – ANON

“Use it to solve one of the province’s most silly new pressing concerns: roundabout anxiety. Pour that leftover rebate money into roundabout training videos!” – Doug Somebody

“Make little figurines of Muskrat Falls so we can all build little shrines to this thing we’re so obsessed with. So sick of hearing about power in this province. We’ve got oil, wind, waves, waterfalls — what’s all the drama about? We should be able to power the country drama free, let alone this tiny province.” – DE

“Big Marys for everyone!” – Paul

“Who cares. Who cares about anything? My girlfriend left me, my baby is teething, the b’ys are going out to Port Rexton the weekend and I can’t afford to go. Life sucks. Burn that rebate money for all I care.” – Not Chill

“Fund as many children’s breakfast programs as possible. Let profits from power, power hungry little minds and bellies!” – ANON

Renovate that Colonial Building in Bannerman Park into a center-piece downtown library branch – something this city of St. John’s really needs. “ – Mark

“Food banks. All excess everything should go to food banks. Stats that admittedly underestimate their use in NL, put our province at 1 in 5 or 6 of us using food banks. Many of whom are kids, university students, widowed seniors with little in the way of retirement savings.” – Deanne

“Create a subsidy or grant for low income families to apply for assistance with heat bills.” – Jenn

“Put it down on the Muskrat Falls Debt.” – Chris Darlington

“Hire someone to go around to different government departments and show them how to be better at their jobs. If the people of the province knew what a crap show it is on the inside, we’d all be in a state of panic. But, you get what you pay for, and what government work culture tolerates, I guess.” – KfromtheBay

“Who cares b’y. Whatever we put it towards, we’d only screw it up, or, a bunch of people will love it and the other half will tell them they’re stupid for loving it, and everyone will get all upset about whatever it is the money went towards, right? Such is modern life.” – Realist

“Make it a lottery , man. Randomly draw an winner.” – Carla O’Connor

“Isn’t this poll just going to be 1,000 people saying the same thing? That same thing being: PUT IT TOWARDS MUSKRAT DEBT. it only makes sense.” – Someone Who Always Contributes To These Polls But Never Sees Her Name in Print

“I would have to recommend we put it towards a 1-off scholarship for whoever can write the best essay about how we should turn around all our problems here in NL. Call it the He or She Who Knows the Least Cost Option to Power NL, Keep the Lights on This Winter, Keep Newfoundlanders from Moving Away, Lower HealthCare Costs, and Stop Newfoundlanders from Thinking Immigrants Are Taking Their Jobs Scholarship & Saviour Bursary.” -Al.