Comedian Amanda Bluman is hosting an Old Time Yuletide Christmas Special in the Rocket Room on December 20th from 8:00pm-10:00pm.

Inspired by television Christmas specials of yore, Bulman will play the charming host who interviews a line-up of talented guests before they play a short set. The house band, Green and Gold, will give the guests a musical intro as they make their way to the stage, where Bulman will invite them to join her on a plaid couch for a glass of eggnog or a cup of hot tea.

Bulman wants the event to have all the cozy charm of those totally un-ironic, old-fashioned holiday specials but she’ll also be approaching the show with a stand up comic’s saucy sensibility.

“I always really loved the Bing Crosby and David Bowie Christmas Special, I just think it’s a classic episode of TV,” Bulman said. “This show is going to be like an old-timey Christmas special but a little edgier, I’ll be asking some pretty far out questions.”

The audience will hear from celebrated local singer/songwriter Steve Maloney, who won hearts last Christmas when he put together a show devoted to holiday tunes. Comedian Veronica Dymond will be telling jokes and Executive Director of Unpossible NL, Elling Lien, may or may not be presenting a unique take on the slide show.

“A lot of people will come out to hear Steve and really love what he does, the same is true for Green and Gold,” Bulman said. “…Veronica is really funny, I think she’s a great voice to have on the show who’ll bring a bit of a different perspective, and I love watching Elling do whatever he wants to do, he’s a very creative person, if you give him free rein you’re always incredibly happily surprised.”

In addition to the advertised performers, there’ll also be a visit from Santa Claus and a few surprise guests who’ll lead the audience through some carol singing. Bulman hopes a multi-generational audience come out dressed in their comfiest holiday attire and sing their hearts outs. She hinted that show-goers could expect to hear songs from cherished holiday TV shows and films, including a number from The Muppet Christmas Carol.

“There’s a lot going on during the holiday season, but I’d like to think our event is going to be a little different than everything else. It’s going to be a very eclectic show, there’ll be little bit of everything,” Bulman said. “I really think this is a show for everybody, it’s something young and old audiences could both enjoy.”