Mac Demarco Salad Days

Coming April 1st, Salad Days, is Mac DeMarco’s follow up to his Polaris Prize nominee, 2. The guy is 23, has two albums and an EP (more in side projects), and is a Polaris Prize nominee: feel like a slacker? Better still, he has an absolutely original sound, which could be described as Al Tuck on a whole bunch of euphoric drugs — the end product is a swinging, swirling breed of psych-tinged pop quite unlike anything you’ve heard. Mac self-describes the sound as “jizz jazz.” He remains relatively undersung, given the quality of his music, but the nod from the Polaris Prize in 2012 certainly helped him garner a wider audience: a European magazine or two even gave this BC native a little press for this forthcoming album.

Here’s the title track, “Salad Days”


The album was written and recorded around his hectic touring schedule, and captures the sensation of stumbling into both adulthood and a career in music simultaneously.  As one standout track croons, “I’ve never been reluctant to share, passing out pieces of me.” His sound on this album shows remarkable strides in confidence and craft from his last, and his last was a great album (hence the Polaris nod).

“Blue Boy”