Come from Away Thursdays: A Worldclass Hoedown is Comin’ to Town

You might never see a stomp and holler like this. Do not miss it.


You may never never catch a band so able to make you stomp and holler and drop a jaw. These guys are outrageously talented, lively, and legit. Just … watch the videos below and see for yourself. The show is taking place at The LSPU Hall on May 27th. Click here to get your tickets.

These recent ECMA winners (in the category of Roots/Traditional Group Recording) have shocked and awed audiences all over the world, including the prestigious Glastonbury Festival. They toured the UK three times last year, as well as places like Australia and Belgium. Here in Canada (they’re from PEI), they were given the Galaxie Supernova Award for their wild performance at the 2012 Ottawa Folk Festival. 2012 was also the year CBC’s Tom Power declared them his favourite discovery of the year at the ECMAs.

Gordie’s even earned himself the nickname “Crazy Legs” for how wild he goes onstage, but you’ll understand and know all about the leg-shaking fever this kind of music can induce when done right, because you’ll most certainly be chairdancing if you’re in the audience next Tuesday night. To quote a post on the Arts & Culture Centre’s website, “The award-winning Gordie MacKeeman and his Rhythm Boys serve up old-time roots music with an energy level that practically yanks you out of your seat by the collar. Gordie MacKeeman and his Rhythm Boys are a complete entertainment package.”

Here’ a song …

here’s a promo video …

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