The Far West marry the classic yearning and killer hooks of good alt-country with the romp and holler of something more. It could be said they’re an evolved version the sound dubbed “Alt-country” around the turn of the century — they’re helping Americana grow and breathe. In terms of comparison, they’re reminiscent in some ways of a grittier Dawes, but with a little more rasp and AM country flair. There’s a rollicking bite and kick, like The Felice Brothers at their finest, and it’s the raw simplicity and sincerity of the songs that make these songs so good, and, authentic.

Every song here shines so brightly it’s clear these five were meant to make music together, and their union is a story in itself — the bandmates came together from all over The States. The band banded together in 2010, after each of its band members left their bands in search of something more. Texan bassist Robert Black’s background is in “all day BBQ hoedowns and late night jam sessions,” and he’s played in many bands, one of which shared a venue with Townes Van Zandt. He met singer Lee Briante when Briante posted a craigslist ad  — the ad was nothing more than a video of a Waylon Jennings song. The rest of the five-piece group came together just as organically. Early last year, The Far West began working with Mongrel Music Booking, and have since been touring Southwest USA, where they’re getting plenty of love. One magazine called them “the best of L.A country.” 

Crazy Good Song:

“Making Of” Album video