Come from Away Thursday: Shawna Caspi’s in Town


 Shawna Caspi, a regular visitor to the island, has been playing shows all week, and has two more for you — Tonight at The Bull & Barrell with Jerry Stamp, and Friday night at The Ship, with Ian Foster & the Thieves, and, Adam Baxter. There’s  a writeup on the website worth quoting, and she certainly has a nice fluid approach to the guitar:

“Shawna Caspi is a solo singer-songwriter with a powerful voice and serious guitar chops. With a commanding stage presence and an inviting charm, she doesn’t need a band to deliver an engaging and energetic show. She has all the sound she needs under her fingertips, with a remarkable fingerstyle guitar technique. Shawna’s playful wit and sense of a seasoned storyteller makes each performance intimate and captivating, no matter the size of the room.”

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