It’s reflected in our local restaurants right now: eating local fare is eating healthy and well. The idea of someone building an experiential business around foraging in our forests and cooking up those goods on the spot seems a no-brainer, for both locals and tourists alike. Enter Lori McCarthy.

Lori spent her childhood watching her grandmother preserve a season’s harvest for the winter. And now her childhood memories of beach boil-ups and combing fertile berry grounds have blossomed into a business of sharing these experiences with people.

Untitled-2While we’re in the off season for the fabulous foraging experiences she offers people – read more here: – she doesn’t go dormant in the winter. She takes her role of educator to the kitchen, in hopes you’ll join her for some pretty terrific “Shared Cooking Experiences and Cookery Classes.”

Whether you are a well-seasoned cook, or just a food enthusiast, Lori has a class for you; her classes are a mix of demonstration and hands-on activity, and explore everything from traditional Newfoundland fare to Italian breads and pastas, cheese making, charcuterie, and butchery.

Here are the next few cookery classes offered through Cod Sounds. They’re all $135 + tax, but these are invaluable life skills that’ll last you a lifetime of dazzling family friends, and loved ones. The classes are 3-4 hours long, and “Classes are hands-on (unless stated otherwise). Be prepared to roll up your sleeves and get into it.”

PASTA (January 31)

“You will learn the basics of pasta flour, kneading by hand, rolling, and shaping. We will make two different shapes, including one filled pasta. Our filled pasta will contain whatever the season provides; some examples include roasted squash, spinach, and ricotta.”


“Learn how to master the casual dinner party with ease! With make-ahead dishes and a little planning, you can enjoy a glass of wine when your guests arrive and engage them from start to finish. Our favourite way to entertain these days is a casual sit around with a flow of shared dishes to keep everyone tasting and talking throughout the evening. You will learn six dinner party dishes step by step, eating as we go.”


“Making your own bacon may sound like a daunting task but if you make it once, you will not be able to resist making it again and again! We will make three types of classic cured meats; these may include, pancetta, bresaola, prosciutto, or coppa.” Students will also prepare a traditional dish that shows them how to utilize their newfound treasures.


“Learn how to build a unique depth of flavour in your dishes so that they taste like a professional chef made them! These techniques are universal and once you have learned them you will be able to apply them to all your cooking. We shall prepare a classic French dish from beginning to end, building flavour as we go. We will also make a simple bread to accompany our meal.”


Crafting your pastry is at the heart of comfort food. There’s more to a pie than its ingredients; it is about the loving care that goes into its creation. Understanding the basics of pastry and fillings will give you the confidence to take on your own projects at home. We start from the bottom of the pie and work our way to the top, learning tricks and tips along the way. After we finish the class we shall sit, share and savour the fruits of our delicious hard work.


Simply email Lori if this course interests you. “The art of butchery is an age-old skill. In this class, we break down a side of a locally raised pig into its fundamental cuts. You will learn where the familiar pork cuts come from as well as the lesser known but equally delicious selections. We will talk about how and why we use specific cuts in certain types of dishes. Your instructor will prepare a beautiful meal showcasing our Newfoundland pork, talking you through the steps as we go.”

NOSE TO TAIL (Offered on Demand)

Simply email Lori if this course interests you. “We all like the idea of practicing the ‘use everything, waste nothing’ approach to cooking, but how is it done? You will learn what to do with the often-overlooked parts of the pig, such as the organs and lesser-known cuts. After demonstrating how to clean and prepare these treasures for cooking, you will learn how to make a pork terrine and a chicken liver mousse with a beautifully spiced chutney to accompany our dishes.”