Coast to Coast

Because swapping and discussing music is something they do anyway, most Fridays, Overcast editor Chad Pelley will send music-enthusiast Nicole Wilson 2 songs by 5 North American bands, and she’ll share her three favourites. Then you should weigh in with your own picks.

The Beaches are from Toronto. Their latest EP is called Heights (May 2014).

Fun Fact: They’re named after the Toronto neighbourhood they’re from.

Quiet Life are from Portland. Their latest EP is called Housebroken Man (August 2014).

Fun fact: The album’s opening track on Housebroken Man features Cary Ann Hearst from Shovels & Rope.

Rural Alberta Advantage are from Toronto. Their latest album is called Mended with Gold (Sept. 2014).

Fun fact: To capture the spirit and energy of the live shows they’re known for, the band took their long-time live sound engineer Matt Lederman into the studio with them to record Mended with Gold.

The Felice Brothers are from New York. Their latest album is called Favourite Waitress (June 2014).

Fun fact: The band was initially composed of three brothers, but one left in 2009 to start another band, The Duke & the King, named after the con artists in Twain’s classic novel, Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

Girlpool are from Los Angeles. Their latest album is called Girlpool (November 2014).

Fun fact: Girlpool is a young duo who play guitar and bass, that’s it, and they like how their atypical band structure leaves them feeling “vulnerable,” because the resulting sound is “honest.”

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Nicole’s Picks:

Gold: “Terrified” by Rural Alberta Advantage
Silver: “American Beauty” by Girlpool
Bronze: “Housebroken Man” by Quiet Life

How about you: What’s your favourite song of the lot?