Coast to Coast

Because swapping and discussing music is something they do anyway, most Fridays, Overcast editor Chad Pelley will send music enthusiast Nicole Wilson 2 songs by 5 North American bands, and she’ll share her three favourites. Then you should weigh in with your own picks.

The Barr Brothers are from Montreal, their latest album is called Sleeping Operator (Oct. 2014). Fun Fact: The harpist in their band is/was their neighbour when they first moved to Montreal. The brothers are originally from Boston, but went to Montreal in 2004 to play a show … and a fire broke out.

Mother Mother are from BC, their latest album is called Very Good Bad Thing (Nov. 2014). Fun Fact: They were originally called just Mother, and later Mother Mother. Their singer/guitarist and singer/keyboardist are brother and sister.

Slow Leaves is from Winnipeg, his latest album is called Beauty is So Common (Sept. 2014). Fun Fact: Slow Leaves is the moniker of Grant Davidson. Grant was so impressed with the production value on an Imaginary Cities album that he approached the album’s producer, to record his latest album, hoping to marry his folk-country sound with the pop-hook sensibilities of that producer.

Cloud Nothings are from Cleveland, their latest album is called Here and Nowhere Else (April 2014). Fun Fact: THe band’s founding member,  Dylan Baldi, pursued a major in … saxophone performance.

Bastard Mountain are from all over the place, their latest album is called Farewell, Bastard Mountain (May 2014). Fun Fact: Bastard Mountain is a collaboration of 6 musicians from 5 different bands. Bandmates brought 3 songs each to the project: one to sing themselves, and 2 they had others in mind to sing for them.

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Nicole’s Picks:

Gold: “Get Out of the Way” by Mother Mother
Silver: “Life of a Better Man” by Slow Leaves
Bronze: “Quieter Today” by Cloud Nothings

What about you … share your favourite song of the lot below.