Local popsicle enthusiasts and party promoters Yung Dumb are throwing an event on Friday, March 4th at Velvet Club & Lounge, and the headliner is Internet Daughter, aka Sophia Switzer, a major up and comer in Toronto club music, and member of the eclectic Bedroomer record label, notorious for their parties in unconventional spaces.

Also, for anyone wondering, the name Internet Daughter seemingly comes from her affinity for those funny images you see on Facebook that usually involve an animal dressed like a human.

More importantly, Sophia pulls no punches with her sets, and feeds the dance floor a relentless serving of unadulterated trap (a southern style of hip-hop focusing on heavy sub bass), feel-good wobbly house music, and an array of jolting dance tracks that are reminiscent of what you’d imagine a warehouse party in the early 90s might have sounded like.

I also want to note that Internet Daughter was booked to headline the show based on her ability to magically charm an entire dance floor into having a lot of fun through her uncanny bass littered song selection, not because a journalist with Vice Magazine said she has nice hair.”  Tickets are $12.

Article by Adam Harding