Alt Hotel on Prescott & Water: Approved and Moving Forward

Groupe Germaine are greenlit to make St. John’s the 9th city in Canada to have an “ALT Hotel.” It’ll be built on the corner of Water and Prescott Street – down by the end of the Harbour fence, near Raymonds.

Alt Hotels are self-described as “a unique alternative to conventional hotels.” However, there is no discernible difference in their services or rooms, beyond the fact they’re much more aesthetically chic and eco-conscious than most chains; their gym and rooms are more boutique than boring.

ALT will be a four storey spot, with almost 150 rooms, and a large meeting space; it’ll have the best view of The Narrows since Rumplestiltskins, and is set to open in 2017.

The City’s Heritage Committee approved it with the understanding it must incorporate the remnants of its former occupant: Marshall Brothers cellar, which operated in that location in the 1920s. So the company will not only fuse the former cellar “into the hotel’s exterior landscaping,” but the interior of the hotel will have a wall that features stuff excavated from the cellar, and displays or photos to put these items in context.

Manga at New Gower & Springdale: Approved and Likely Moving Forward

Councillors have approved rezoning land at 150 New Gower St. from residential to commercial, which liberated the Manga from certain Heritage Status limitations. Councillor Tom Hann says the deal has been years in the making, and Manga representatives have met with neighbouring property owners to gather their concerns and input before finalizing the designing of the hotel. If the project comes to fruition, it’ll be a 12-storey hotel.