The Writers Alliance of NL and the Nickel Film Festival partnered this year to have 3 local filmakers shoot short films based on poems by 3 local poets. It’s called the cinepoetry project, and the first of these three films will be part of the 10 movies screening from 7-9 tonight at The LSPU Hall.

Going Gone, Screening Tuesday, June 17th
Filmmaker Tyler Burry, Poet Leslie Vryenhoek

An auctioneer, a buyer, and a seller – all caught in the thrall of beautiful things. Going, Gone, based on a poem by Leslie Vryenhoek, is a short film about the hold our possessions have on us, the myths we infuse them with, the passage of time, and the time for passing things on. The film stars Kimberly French and auctioneer Wayne Bartlett.

The Murderer, Screening June 20th
Filmmaker Carlito Ghioni, Poet Shoshanna Wingate 

The Murderer narrates the story of a woman’s relationship to a convicted murderer, from her first meeting as a child to her adult discovery of his execution. Based on the poem, “The Murderer,” by Shoshanna Wingate. Cinematography, animation, and direction by Carlito Ghioni. Music by Francois Jolin. Starring Elena Belyia.

Quelle Affaire, Screening June 21st
Filmmaker Ruth Lawrence, Poet Danielle Devereaux 

A young woman has a rendezvous with her boyfriend in an affair where everything is palatable.  Ruth Lawrence’s film, based on Danielle Devereaux’s poem “Quelle Affaire,” was shot entirely on an iPhone 5, edited on a Mac, and the sound was recorded  in the upstart Keep Station Radio.  Using natural winter light and edible props, this film explores the sensual and gut-wrenching nature of a love affair. Shot and edited by Brad Gover, with music by Sherry Ryan, and starring Meghan Greeley and Stephen Dunn.

Check out the trailer for this year’s festival: