Chris Page is a “folk punk troubadour known for fronting the bands Camp Radio and The Stand GT.” But during his 25 years in music, he’s also released 4 solo records with releases in countries as far flung as Germany and Australia.

Here’s what the press are saying about his 2015 release, Volume Versus Voice:

“…while each song is its own unique entity, Page’s earnest vocals, honest lyrics and steadfast guitar work are the unwavering strings that weave the whole record together.” – Exclaim!

“…if heartfelt gritty songs are up your alley, check out Volume Vs. Voice.” – New Canadian Music

“…a slowed-down, finger-picking-laden, emotionally-charged acoustic album…The album is beautiful, a reflection of the scenery in which it was recorded.” – Ottawa Showbox


This is your first show in Newfoundland, a province a lot of touring artists skip over. What was it about the place that made you wanna come? 

I’ve always wanted to play Newfoundland, but have never had the opportunity for one reason or another. I’ve toured all over Canada, and Newfoundland is my last province to visit!

More than anything, I’ve always wanted to experience where my Grandfather is from … he was such a proud Newfoundlander and he would be thrilled to know I was playing there. 

Also, I’ve made some great friends in Ottawa who are from Newfoundland, so I was determined to get there this time while touring the new album, Volume Vs. Voice.

You’re playing with some local bands: Texas Chainsaw are good fun, Green & Gold are a city favourite. Scott Royle’s been one of the break-outs of the year. Would you say hearing local bands you otherwise wouldn’t hear is a perk touring? Have any examples of a band that blew you away in the past?

Yes, 100%! Peter Rompkey is an old friend so I’m super psyched to play with his band and I just missed playing with Green & Gold in Ottawa this summer. We’ll be making up for lost time!

Yuma County are amazing so I know the shows are going to be awesome. I learned very early in my music career to pay close attention to who else is on the bill when you’re on tour as you never know when you’ll either be blown away and/or connect with other musicians in a way that sets you on a course to becoming life long friends.

I have many examples of when I played with bands that lead to forming friendships: The Smugglers, Punchbuggy, Naked and The Dead, The Ripcordz, to name a few. More recently I remember being blown away by Yellowteeth In Sackville, NB when they shared a bill with Camp Radio.

On this tour I’ve played with so many incredible musicians like Rodney Decroo, Ida Nilsen and Khari McClelland. Touring is always such a fun adventure and its amazing to me how many like-minded, solid individuals you meet along the way.

Speaking of Camp Radio (or The Stand GT), Why the need to record and tour your own solo material? 

It happened by accident, really. The Stand GT had been touring for years when eventually everyone started to focus on other things in life and the band slowed to a crawl. I wanted to keep playing music, so I started recording material that I would eventually release as a solo artist.
Early on it was much more stripped-down, electric and frantic. On the last couple of records I’ve started to explore more acoustic material, probably because I get my rock and roll ya-yas out with Camp Radio! The Stand GT still also plays a couple of times a year and I have a new fuzzed-out garage-dance band that I’m super excited about. The ideas never seem to stop.

“Calling All Kids Reunion” is a favourite on Overcast Radio. Can you tell us something about the song? 

Oh that’s great! The song is a few years old and the demo appeared on a Kelp Records comp a while back. I don’t often let on what songs are about as I don’t like to distort any imagery the listener may have already built up in their mind.
I know I’ve usually been disappointed when I hear the back story to a song I truly love! I will say the inspiration for this one was rooted in a trip I took to Montreal a few years back to meet up with a bunch of old University friends during a fancy journalist function for a retiring professor.
My old friends had all gone on to impressive jobs in journalism and I was the odd one out at the table, still plugging away at my music.  

Is there a concept or meaning behind the album title, Volume Vs. Voice

It wasn’t a concept or didn’t have an intended meaning originally. I stumbled on the phrase writing ‘My Focal Point’ and I liked it right away. In hindsight it kind of sums up my music life as I’ve always had this internal battle trying to find my voice … and my guitar volume level has often dogged me too (ask any musician how many times they’ve heard ‘turn it down’ in their lifetimes!).
I’ve always loved playing loud garage/punk music with both feet off the ground, yet I find as much enjoyment out of sitting and quietly strumming an acoustic guitar. I guess that’s the dichotomy that kinda sums up who I am and what I do.

Catch either of his shows this weekend:

The Ship, Friday Night @ 10:30
Chris Page, Yuma County, Scott Royle and The Flush, Green and Gold
CBTGs, Saturday Night @ 10:30
Chris Page, Yuma County, 40Rock, Texas Chainsaw