Chocolate Shame

“On a recent trip to the Interpretation Center at Signal Hill I was appalled and embarrassed to see that the Newfoundland Chocolate Company has expanded its nauseating overexposure and set up shop in the cafe space. Seriously? The only food available at one of the province’s busiest tourist attractions is based around ….chocolate? Is Parks Canada is not aware that Newfoundland has the highest levels of obesity and related illnesses such as heart disease and diabetes in the country? Is Parks Canada not aware of the growing public discussions led by the Food Security Network, the Food Policy Lab at Memorial University, and Eastern Health concerning the availability of healthy food choices? I’d wager the majority of visitors to Signal Hill are families with children, elderly people from the cruise ships, and others interested in exploring the outdoors. Does offering only chocolate seem appropriate in this environment? Wouldn’t a balanced menu of whole produce, freshly prepared meals, vegetarian options, sugar free options, gluten free options, and fresh seasonal ingredients make more sense? Chocolate. For shame.” – ANON

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  • most interesting is how
    a) it’s owned by Non-newfoundlanders,
    b) none of the ingredients are local,
    c) the company appropriates Newfoundland Jargon in their branding and advertising… have a look at the ‘what are ya at b’y’ bullshit on their labels and such.

    • What a load of crap.

      1) The owners are Newfoundlanders who have lived here over 15 years, and raised two children here. Unless you’re some jingoist CFA-hater who says one can’t be a real newfoundlander unless you can trace your great grandaddy back to Gambo, the chocolate company owners are absolutely locals.

      2) They have local ingredients. Not a ton, because this is chocolate we’re talking about, but where they can use local products (berries in particular), they do.

      3) Plenty of Newfoundland companies use Newfoundland culture to market their products.

      I am not an employee or connected to the company at all. I know the owners though, and I generally disdain outright lies like the above being posted.

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