Hundreds of fish died are were seen floating around belly-up in Waterford Valley River this weekend, especially in the Bowring Park area. 

It was initially a city-staff baffling mystery, but subsequent investigation has yielded a “probable source.” The assumption now is that “the kill came from a water main break that took place on Dunn’s Lane in the City of Mount Pearl.”

The water main break released “significant quantities of drinking water directly into a river that feeds into the Waterford River.” Our regional water supply is treated with chlorine — to kill bacteria — at levels deemed safe for human consumption. But these levels of chlorine are enough to cause massive fish death in a river. Which is somewhat unsettling.

The Federal Department of Natural Resources have agreed that this is likely the cause. Luckily chlorine dissipates quickly enough that there remains no trace of chlorine in the river. Any Fish now swimming in the affected areas of the river are reportedly doing fine.