When you’re as good as the internationally renowned, award-winning, and plain talented Duane Andrews, you can’t get any better, but you can certainly still grow, experiment, and love what you do.

For his latest album – yes, another new one! – Duane explains it has “3 pillars” that reflect and blend three diverse inspirations and influences: Django-inspired jazz from the 30s and 40s, traditional NL music, and some of his latest interest: classical.

If you can imagine a set of reels set to a string quartet, you can imagine it sounding no better than it does in the hands of Duane and the quartet who join him on Conception Bay. Any true music fan, no matter what genre you gravitate towards, will love the idea of “taking familiar things and doing unfamiliar things with them.”

By offering up a broad range of styles in symbiosis, there are perhaps more access points to his music than ever. Do you like trad? Classical? Jazz? Fluid, fabulous acoustic guitar the likes of which you could never muster yourself? Well, it’s all here on the one forthcoming album.

And thanks to the blending of genres, if you come for the jazz, you might leave with an appreciation for classical, or trad, or vice versa.  “Adventure is part of the spirit of what’s going on here,” Andrews says of the album.

Mark Your Calendars and catch Duane Andrews and the Rhythm Futur string quartet for these Conception Bay album release concerts:

Nov 7 @ 8pm: Freshwater U.C. Community Centre in Freshwater/Carbonear, 8pm
Tickets $20, free for children 12 and under, and available in the Carbonear area at Western Petroleum, Butt’s Esso, Dozen Odd, Small Point General Store, and at the door.

Nov 14 @ 8pm: – The Ship Pub
Tickets $20 and available at Fred’s Records, O’Brien’s Music, and at the door.