To play off the video below, and image above, the St. John’s based synth-sation Renders (Kelly McMichael) has made a splash in her genre with the release of the self-titled Renders EP.

Her smoky vocals and experimentation in sound textures are reminiscent of Lana Del Ray – whom coincidentally she has covered – but the music itself blends the best elements of what has launched the careers of acts like Austra, Grimes, and Lowell.

This week, in advance of her show on Friday night (she’s opening for India, at their album release show — 10pm at The Rockhouse alongside Ouroboros and Cafeteria), she’s released a new video.

Fun fact: it contains footage shot by Borealis Music Prize winner Jon Hynes, from a pool party after Hey Rosetta played a show in McMichael’s hometown of Peterborough. The same footage was used for Kinley Downing’s music video for the song “Kathleen.”

The video shows off some skills leftover from a history of acrobatics, she jokes, with themes of waiting for spring, daydreaming, loneliness, growth, and nature represented through playful lip-syncing footage interspersed with slow-motion shots of her diving into a serene pool at night.

“I hope people can relate and escape with ‘The Garden’ during the hardest winter months,” she says. “The beginning of a new year and the beginning of a new chapter for me as RENDERS is highlighted by this dreamy sonic and visual adventure.”