The Overcast has launched a new subscription box company, called Tilly Tally. Every month, subscribers receive 3-5 local products, and a copy of the new issue of The Overcast, delivered right to their door, for $35. Visit to sign up or read more.

While The Overcast promotes the products of local entrepreneurs and artists in its paper, Tilly Tally lets you actually sample the things we write about. From food items to functional crafts, why just read about local products, when you could be holding them in your hands?

Below is a lowdown on the local products subscribers received in their Tilly Tally Box this month. There’s still 11 days to sign up for November’s box, and we’re running a Facebook competition to win a box.

Caramel Latte Tea

One of the island’s newest local businesses, Gander’s Newfoundland Tea Company is teeing up some tasty teas, like “Dulce de Leche,” “Orange Popsicle,” and “Caramel Latte” alongside some more traditional teas. This Caramel Latte blend has coffee beans in it: perfect for those moments you can’t choose between coffe or tea!

They offer 28 flavours at the moment, so you won’t run out of options once you’re a devoted fan. Newfoundlanders are known as tea drinkers, so it struck owner-operator Nicole Keats as odd there’s not a lot of companies making tea here. Like any good entrepreneur, she filled the niche, and filled it well. You can place orders through their Facebook page.

Hot and Sour Rhubarb Sauce

A Farmer’s Market favourite, The Jewish Deli is best known for its famous smoked meat sandwiches, but owner Jonathan Richler has plenty of other surprisingly solid flavour combos bottled up for sale, like this rhubarb sauce.

We chose this hot and sour sauce because it does something different with a classic local fall harvest: rhubarb. Jewish Deli sources local meats, herbs, vegetables, and even vinegar to craft their genuine Jewish deli recipes (the vinegar in this sauce is made by Farmer’s Market mate Wild Mother Provisions).  Richler recommends his Hot and Sour Rhubarb sauce on hamburgers, Ruffles chips, and cheese plates.

Various Locally Inspired Scents

Wrapped in our very own pages (recycling for us; something to read in the tub for you!), Kayla O’Brien’s St. John’s Bath Bombs business blew up upon her launch last fall.

Her bombs are made from locally sourced ingredients, and offer a fragrant and fizzy bath bomb experience with a handmade touch: O’Brien uses citric acid and baking soda to give your bomb an effervescence when submerged in water. She makes these herself at home, where her pitbull Duncan keeps her company. If you think these bombs are the bomb, they’re for sale at Whink on Water Street, or directly through Kayla.

Saucy Pots Shot Glass

This young and talented local potter is taking the pretension out of pottery with her “Saucy Pots Pottery” business. Funky, functional, and fun, she has a line of mugs, beer cups, and shot glasses celebrating local slang, like “Hard Ticket,” “Best Kind,” “Not Fit,” and “F*ck B’y.”

This line of products was inspired by her residency on Fogo Island in 2014, where she says she was “surrounded by heavy Irish accents and history … [and] the language caught my attention. I started transferring the words I heard onto clay, setting language in stone.” You can meet her and browse her goods while she works, at The Plantation in Quidi Vidi.