Joe Grizzly is officially a forerunner for “First New Local Album of 2017” honours. They plan to release their debut LP, Uproarious, late January. And here’s a video for its first single:

“This tune is the title track off the album,” says band member Mike Simms. “There was a lot of focus on creating something around the idea that good people can have a breaking point and stop giving a fuck. To be clear I’m not the type of person to do heinous stuff, but I’ve been in a bad mind frame like a lot of people.”

After tossing around a lot of ideas with the band, nothing stuck. “All I knew was that I wanted to create something that was fun to watch and a little edgy. I got the idea of a violent slap stick beating and a bloody lip syncing montage, and then the rest came from there.”

Striving to avoid a dull moment in the video, Simms tried to create “a fast paced and entertaining video featuring the band and our pals. I drew a storyboard and made a shot list to prepare for the video shoot and we were able to shoot it in one day. My friend and co-worker Perry Mercer filmed everything and did a great job.

“There was a lot of running around and it was a super busy day, but we were laughing all damn day. There were a lot of scenes where the actors said things but the dialogue wasn’t included, so all of those improvised lines were hilarious. Griffin the executioner had us keeled over, Moyst watching the animals shag on TV was so burnt and funny to film. All in all it was a successful and memorable day, most definitely.”

When the album drops, it’ll be available on vinyl. In the meantime, you can catch Joe Grizzly at an “Ugly Sweater Christmas Party Show” at The Factory on December 17th, with Puce, Ribbon Tied, and Dandy Lions.