Kelly McMichael — who has played in some synth-sational Canadian bands like Gentleman Reg and Rouge — clocked some time living in St. John’s in the recent past, to be with her musician boyfriend Daniel Banoub, when he completed the second year of his PhD here. During her time in town, she recorded an RPM album under the name Renders.

She has since rendered the Renders project into a serious and solid endeavour. Renders blends the better aspects of genres like electro-pop, trip hop, and chillwave. “There’s a lot of feminism in the lyrics and the songs are sung by an exaggerated part of myself, or a stronger character I created,” she’s told The Overcast. “You may hear traces of Bjork, Esthero, Beck, Erykah Badu, and Washed out.”

Here’s the single off the forthcoming album, “I Am Gone,” produced by Mark Andrade of the band Paradise Animals.

In her own words, “RENDERS is deliberate: RENDERS is becoming: RENDERS is providing: RENDERS is Kelly McMichael.” The project asserts herself into the discourse of pop music, and is a love letter to the state of moving on.

“The standard of purity and truth is reclaimed through the heart. The repetition of the honesty of love is imbued in the songwriting, crystallized in the synth chords, and rendered with the strength of willing autonomy. We’ve all had our hearts broken; we’ve all felt lonely; but not all of us have stood tall and free; pushed back when pushed over. ‘I Am Gone’ takes a stand and raises a collective fist.”

Catch Kelly While She’s In Town

Show 1: Shed Island Presents: Winter is Long Here (Dec. 28th; Peter Easton)

Renders will be playing with Jonny and the Cowabungas, Jacuzzi Perth (from Ontario by way of Sackville), and one of town’s best new bands, Scott Royle and the Nightshift Nurses.

Show 2: Opening for The Strokes Tribute Show (Dec. 29th; The Ship)

This one’s a Kelly McMichael and The Gloss show, with The Gloss band being Steve Maloney, Kyle Squance and Daniel Banoub. The Pre-Raphaelites will also be playing their first show in 5 years, and there’s a Strokes tribute to boot (Greg Hewlett, Harry Parsons, Robbie Brett and Tim Callanan).

Kelly will also be singing with The Wobbly Pops, NYE at The Ship