Ian Foster is somewhere on the road in The States right now, touring his latest album, Sleeper Years, offering Americans a night of entertainment and reprieve from the latest Trump-induced collective facepalm.

But today, he’s sharing his latest video back here at home, for the song “Postcards.”

Fittingly, the song itself was inspired by travel. He and his partner Nancy Hynes have toured together, and he says “we’ll often send a postcard back home with some anecdote or memory of the day: a fun way to remember a particular moment.”

Some of the stories sent back home captured some pretty epic moments, one with much levity, “I was once deported from St. Pierre because the venue didn’t fill out the proper paperwork for me to gig there. I wrote a retelling of our tale as the plot of Les Misérables and sent it home on a postcard. CBC and eventually Yahoo News picked up that story…the power of postcards! (Side note: I may or may not be at war with France…).”

The video, as you can see, contains postcards of Foster and Hynes’s, “and some of our friends from their travels, and mixes in some “moving postcards” (videos) as a result of Andrew Winter’s mad post production skills.”

Foster is selling postcards on his tours: album art on the front / a lyric and QR code for the song on the back. There are some for sale at Fred’s Records too. “You can get em for a few bucks, or for $5 at a show, you can fill out your address (or any address) and I’ll mail it to you from the road with a little message. There have been some great moments of people sending them to friends or family. One guy wrote ‘check this guy out – love mom and dad’ and mailed it to his kids. I annotated underneath: ‘always listen to your parents – Ian.'”