Cheaper and More Eventful: Marble Mountain Set for Funnest Year Yet

Marble has announced a new "Loose Moose Festival" and events like snowshoe soccer and fat bike racing.

In an attempt to bring ticket prices nearer to those of comparable Canadian ski slopes, and to promote recreation in the winter months, Marble Mountain has reduced both the cost of a season pass, their early bird offer. As of this week, you can nab an early bird offer and save $100 of a season pass.

Marble will also be offering more events at the hill this year, which you can keep an eye on here: .

Some of these events will be resurrections of old ones, like the Downhill Dummy Race (teams build a dummy and send it down the hill through obstacles), while others will be new endeavours, like  a “Marble Mountain Loose Moose Festival.”

There’ll even be some non-skiing and snowboarding events, including fat bike races and a snow shoe soccer tournament.

The slopes should open the first week of January, with night skiing commencing January 19th, and running from 5:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. Saturday night skiing will begin on March 3.

Both the lower rates and increase in events were spawned from feedback by users of Marble Mountain, as well as a survey undertaken by the new board of directors.

Also, The Cookhouse and Knotty Pine Lounge will have new menus, “with more affordable options introduced,” as well as some vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options.

Christopher Mitchelmore, Minister of Tourism, Culture, Industry and Innovation, says these new changes should see Marble Mountain come closer to realizing its full potential, as an important economic driver on the West Coast.

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  • But it’s still a 12 hour drive and a hotel stay away from more than two thirds of the population of the island, and it still opens late in the morning and closes early in the evening. It’s not an off-island tourist draw whatsoever. This ski hill deserves a prize for how badly it is run. It’s almost like they don’t want it to be successful, because they could sure learn a few things about it from the dozens of resorts in the rockies and even as close as Tremblant and Vermont. I’m still going to take my money to a better resort.

    • @snowboarding Forever – You should read the article. Entirely new (and young) management staff. They can’t do anything about their location or the weather. What they can do (and are doing) is put a lot of work into improving the hill , they have been listening to feedback from customers (lower prices, more food options, more events, extended night skiing). Give the new marble a shot 🙂

  • I stand corrected, i do know how to spell grammar, but i am not a great typist:) i guess it’s all about personal preference

  • Chris Mitchelmore is a parasite and not worth anything close to the money we spend on his vast reserves of hot air.

  • Grammar evolves, Judith. What you were taught were needlessly arbitrary rules, constructed ones. Quite frankly, if you don’t understand what is meant by “funnest” ( a word in my 2002 dictionary) then you should go back to school. It’s obviously a word with meaning. And a word most dictionaries acknowledge now. Uh uh, I started sentence with and, rule breaker!

  • Wow what poor grammer, i was taught, something is fun, more fun, and the most fun yet, Just saying funnest, I don’t think it is even a word or at least it wasn’t when I graduated from high school in 1969

  • But it’s still a taxpayer-subsidized money pit that’s incapable of turning a profit because it’s run by the government and staffed by overpaid unionized workers.

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