Mouthbreathers EP

With the buzz of Lawnya Vawnya 2014 still in the air, it’s a good week to mention the new release of an LV Alumni band: The Mouthbreathers’ Corrupt the Youth EP.

There’s plenty of new bands around Atlantic Canada (and St. John’s) trying to sound like these guys, and most come up short in the departments of Phat Hooks and Authenticity — two things The Mouthbreathers have successfully nailed on this EP. If it’s not an oxymoron, there’s a refined rawness on this record; the band remains true to their sound, but with a crisp album that anyone with a sensible taste in music will enjoy. These are catchy, sing-along songs minus the radio-pop feel, and every one of them is immediately engaging.

Corrupt the Youth is easily their best release yet, and every second of all four songs is old-school indie gold. This is a great EP that sounds like The Coming of Summer, steeped in so much of what was good about the 1990s. These guys hail out of one of Canada’s best-known musical hotbeds, Sackville New Brunswick, and Corrupt the Youth more than strengthens their hold as one of the best things happening in New Brunswick right now. Fun fact: The Mouthbreathers and are 3/4th’s of another Sackville band (Yellowteeth) + Lucy Niles on guitar and vocals.