If you haven’t heard, CBTGs and Two Way Monologues have partnered up to send two local solo acts and two local bands to Toronto for Canadian Music Week in May. “Road to CMW” is well underway. It started on January 9th, and each Thursday until March 20th, it will continue to pare down participants, Battle of the Bands style. By the time all is said and done, two local solo acts and two local bands will have won the chance to showcase their talents during Canadian Music Week, as well as their airfare to get there. All performers receive a performer pass, to grant them full access to conferences and other career-boosting schmoozefests. “Last year,” CBTGs and Two Way monologues state, “CMW had almost zero representation from Newfoundland. This year we aim to change that in a big way, and CMW is eager to support it as well.  This is a big opportunity to get your band out to Ontario without having to foot a big expense.”

Here is a list of who is playing when:

Here is a list of finalists so far:

Tonight’s show will showcase The Dark and Dirtys, Waterfront Fire, and Torn in the band category, and these folks in the solo/acoustic category: Jay MilnThe Blue Drop, Kind of a Big Deal @ 10:30.

Were this a betting paper, its money would be on the Waterfront Fire and The Blue Drop tonight, because these vote-based things always boil down to popularity contests, and those two acts have been out there earning their dues the most. And since it’s RPM month, it’s worth mentioning that Waterfront Fire, quite an active band around town, appear to have been borne out of 2013’s RPM Challenge. Here’s the title track off their 2013 RPM Album, Make it it Right.