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2 Brothers and 2 Former Bandmates Premiering Local Film, Crown & Anchor, Tonight at the Nickel Film Festival

Andrew also points out that as a writer, it helped to know Matt and Michael so well because he could tailor the roles to them, and as a director, “it was extremely easy to communicate with them, and they with me, so we could work at an extremely quick pace, which was very necessary given our short shooting schedule.”

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2 Slots at The Nickel: New Christopher Pratt Doc Paints a Shocking Portrait of NL Icon Christopher Pratt

You know Christopher Pratt designed the Newfoundland flag, and if you’re a cultural being at all, you’d recognize a painting as his just by the style of it. Maybe you’ve even read his poems, or know that his first name is actually John, not Christopher. But to really know a cultural icon, you have to watch the doc on them.

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