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On the Sauce, Part 2: Catsup


Ketchup is known as the all American condiment, but its history is as salty as any weatherworn mariner. Called ke-tsiap in ancient China, a beloved fish sauce fermented from anchovies was common throughout Asia and first documented in the 3rd century BCE.

Cheers to Local: Newfoundland Distillery Co Has Launched Rhubarb Vodka & Gunpowder Wild Rose Rum


The “Gunpowder” alluded to in the spirit’s title might turn a few heads, so as a bit of an educational moment or refresher, Peter Wilkins of the distillery explains, ” In the navy, rum was always ‘proofed’ before the sailors were given their daily ration. To do this, the purser would put some gunpowder in the rum and light it. If it flared up, the rum was as it should be, and the sailors would know they were getting their proper measure.”

On The Sauce: Mustard


Mustard. Relish. Catsup. These 3 sauces define classic BBQ burgers and hot dogs. Our summer Grill Guide series celebrates The Sauce with fun facts, salad suggestions & booze pairings