City Talk: St John’s Does What it Can For its Libraries in the Face of An Ongoing Crisis


Library lovers in St John’s have had some good news in the last year or so. Many of the new city councillors have voiced strong support for libraries, and there was even some discussion about the possibility of a new downtown library, inspired by the success of Halifax’s. The city has also recently given the St John’s Library Board a $50,000 grant to pay for half of the cost of a “bookmobile” – the largest capital sum ever given by the city to the library system.

Newfoundlandia: What Made the Great Auk so Great?


There are written reports describing how incredibly delicious the birds were, that they were the most exquisite food on Earth, or the best meat in this world or any other. So ravenously were they consumed that one ornithologist described the Funk Islands as North America’s first fast food restaurant.