The Overcast’s Overachiever of the Month: CMHA-NL


The Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) was founded in 1918, back when we referred to mental health as mental hygiene. The Globe and Mail headline announcing its inception read, “$20,000 Secured for Institute: Canadian National Committee for Mental Hygiene Started in Mrs Dunlap’s Home.”

Nan’s Kitchen: Steamed Blueberry Pudding w/ Brown Sauce


Nothing says Sunday dinner at my Nan’s like Blueberry Pudding. It was there without fail every time. And it was gobbled by the whole lot of us at the end of every gathering. Drizzled in the sweetest, warmest “brown sauce” and occasionally topped with some Fussel’s canned cream (for those who are so inclined). To me, the pudding was home, and more “Newfoundland” than a feed of scrunchions or fish and chips I ever came across.