You voted Matt Wright The Best Comedian in Town two years in a row now. And he’s as busy as ever …

When and where is the new Christmas comedy show? Should we come or what?

December 19th at the LSPU hall. You should definitely come. Comedy is weird when no one is there. Some people have been coming to this a few years running now – and it’s a different show each year, so I hope they enjoy the progression. This is the best hour I’ve written yet. So excited to share. I look forward to this every year. It’s kind of what drives me to write.

Some of your new material is about how poorly you fare while touring in bigger cities … tells us a funny story about it; give us an example.

Well like, I’m from Gander originally and I live in St. John’s, and the bus here terrifies me – so I have zero public transit experience. So when I’m touring around, 25% of my stress is show-related, and the rest of it is just trying to figure out how the hell to get myself around.

I watch 12 year olds just crushing it while the TTC makes me its bitch. Also, I met my first raccoon this year so I’m going to talk about that. I think they’re cute.

You’re coming up on 30. Roast the 20s for us – what’s something dumb 20-something Matt Wright used to do that 30 year old Matt might not? 

The story I’ve been closing the show with is about me trying to drink like I’m 21 which ends up in me doing the dumbest thing I’ve done this calendar year. It’s a great story. I am the butt of the joke. And I should be. But I hope people enjoy it.

Tell us about your new podcast series – who have you chatted with and what are they all about?

It’s called The Work Report. It’s a loose conversational podcast about how people spend their days, how they approach their work, and their inner stresses and self doubts.

Basically how people get shit done. I just interviewed Tim Baker five minutes ago, Phil Maloney tomorrow, Jeremy Charles next Thursday. Also some comedians: Trent Mcclellan, Susan Kent, Derek Seguin…it’s been really enlightening because everyone has their own approach to creating whatever it is they’re trying to create.

And every approach is working in it’s own regard. There’s no right or wrong answers. I think it’s a nice peek behind the curtain of what people are trying to accomplish and their neurosis.

And you’re heading back to work on This Hour Has 22 Minutes in 2016?

Yes! Three episodes in January in the frozen tundra we call Halifax. Very very excited to write some stuff for someone else. Stand up is a lot of me and I often get very sick of myself so I’m looking forward to being part of a team.

The writers and the cast are so nice and talented – I went up for a week last year and it was just such a cool and fun atmosphere. If you want to hear about that (and how terrifying it is) myself and Susan Kent talk about it in her episode of the Work Report.