Repartee — one of Newfoundland’s most beloved and successful bands of the 2010s, has been busy crafting an even bigger, better sound we’ll soon get to hear on their upcoming album, Electric Every Day. The band is back in town this weekend for a special show at The Rockhouse, Friday night at 10:30. In the interview below, we catch up with Meg Warren.

What have you been up to all summer, and what are your plans for the fall?

We’ve been steadily touring/writing/recording since January of this year. We’ve been all over the place – east coast, west coast, Toronto, Newfoundland, etc … it’s been a crazy 8 months. Our plans for the fall include more writing, hopefully shooting a video or two, and touring across the country again.

When is the album out, and what’ll it be called?

Fingers crossed for January! It’ll be called Electric Every Day.

How would you describe it, or, how has your sound changed, if at all, between this album and your last?

We sound pretty different now. I’d like to think it’s a bit more refined, a bit less all-over-the-place in terms of structures and genres. Robbie and I have been writing this album over the course of nearly 4 years, and lately we’ve experimented with writing with other people and having some outsider input. I think it’s made us more concise writers, hopefully the album reflect that.

Will “Nice Girls” be on it? If not, why not? (SUCH a jam!) 

(Here is the original version of the song:)

Yes, the plan right now is to include “Nice Girls” on the new album. It actually underwent some song-surgery (for the third time) when we worked on it with this amazing producer Matt DeMatteo. For me personally, it’s now one of my faves to play live.

Is there a different energy in the room when you play a show back at home?

YES and we MISS IT. We tell all of our mainland musician pals that Newfoundland is this crazy wonderful world for playing shows. Everyone is so warm and enthusiastic and involved…not many places in Canada are like it.

Not un-aptly called “Newfoundland’s Metric” by some, they’re sharing the stage Friday with local acts Land of Lakes (formerly known as Matthew Thomson & Danielle Hamel) and Rough Hands.